Memory, Memento, and Sacred Bond

Votive Plaque of Buddha

  • 77
  • Thailand
  • 7th–8th century
  • Terracotta
  • H. 5 1/2 x W. 3 1/2 x D. 1/4 in. (13.9 x 8.9 x .6 cm)
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Gift of Paul F. Walter, M.87.278.19

This votive plaque is identical to tablets excavated in 1979 at a ruined stupa in Na Dun District, Maha Sarakham Province, northeastern Thailand. The stupa was evidently a monument of importance and likely enshrined a relic of the Buddha. In the course of excavation of the site, one thousand votive tablets, either fragmentary or whole, were collected from around the base of the stupa.

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