The Journey

Map of Mount Tai

  • 36
  • China
  • Qing period, Guangxu era, 1877
  • Woodblock print
  • H. 44 3/4 x W. 25 1/8 in. (113.6 x 63.7 cm)
  • American Museum of Natural History, ASIA/0539
  • Mount Tai
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Mount Tai, located in Shandong Province, is one of China's pre-Buddhist Five Peaks. The mountain has been the site and subject of worship for three millennia. Unlike the Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism in China (Mount Wutai, Mount Emei, Mount Juihua, and Mount Putuo), Mount Tai is associated primarily with Daoism and the cardinal direction East, although it too became a site of Buddhist pilgrimage and worship. This map of Mount Tai was printed for the benefit of pilgrims and other visitors by the Baowenzhai Shudian (Precious Literature Studio Bookstore) and identifies key peaks, scenic spots, a mix of Daoist and Buddhist temples, and other structures on the mountain.

PHOTO CREDIT: Division of Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History

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